About Me

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From the soft, tiny diaries sold in bulk at the dollar store to the large, leather bound books laced with intricate patterns and beautiful script, I’ve always loved journals. As a little girl, I stayed up at night and filled the pages of my diary with stories about school and recollections of the road trips I took with my family to visit relatives in the U.S. South. As I got older, however, my diary lost its appeal. The journals my mother bought for me remained more empty than full, more pristine and crisp than lovingly used. On big occasions–-the night of Obama’s election to the presidency, the day of my cousin Damian’s funeral, the days I contemplated which college admission offer I would accept–-I took the time to put pen to paper. Yet, these instances were rare. Most of the time, my blue, bedazzled journal-–the one with three sistagirls laughing over coffee at an outdoor cafe–-laid underneath my bed, uncherished and underappreciated…

This blog is, in a way, a digital journal. It is a space where I will share some of my experiences and insight with others. It is a space where I will grapple with the joys and pains of “adulting.” It is a space where I will share some of my creative writings as I hone my narrative skills. It is a space where I will discuss complex topics in my attempt to make sense of the world around me. It is a space where I will use the terms and concepts I’ve learned in academic spaces to describe social processes that shape people’s lives, a space in which I will use social interactions as a foundation to consider new concepts and modes of analysis.

I’m Sarah Elaine, a South Central L.A. girl, a Princeton alum, and a current graduate student at the University of Oxford.

Welcome to On Becoming, my digital journal. Engage and enjoy.


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